Reign 3_Occasional Tables

Occasional Tables to Fit Your Needs

Occasional tables are just what they sound like: tables you use occasionally. They’re not going to be used as frequently as a dining room table or an office desk, for example, but they are used when needed. Coffee tables, end tables and sofa tables are classified as occasional tables because their main purpose is decoration or to fill an empty space.

Coffee tables, however, are popular occasional tables because they serve more of a purpose in the living room. Coffee tables hold your drinks and magazines or even act as a footrest when you’re lounging on the sofa. A coffee table isn’t going to be the focal point of your living room, like a dining room table would be in the dining room, but it helps complete the room by adding functional décor.

Our occasional tables come in a wide array of functions and styles, so you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your needs.

Storage Occasional Tables

Storage occasional tables are ideal for any living room. Have an extra throw blanket? Need to remove the throw pillows to make more room for guests? A storage occasional table gives you a safe, convenient space to store your living room essentials.

Asher 1_Occasional Tables

This Asher coffee table, for example, has a lift-top and two compartments so you can easily stow away any overwhelming living room accessories.

Tip: Use storage occasional tables in other rooms of your home to maximize space. For example, putting this Asher coffee table at the foot of the bed would turn it into a storage bench.

Multi-Piece Sets of Occasional Tables

An occasional table set that has multiple pieces is worth getting. Occasional table sets often come with end tables and a coffee table that are cut from the same materials. It’s super easy to complete a room with a multi-piece  set of occasional tables.

Reign 3_Occasional Tables


This Reign collection is the perfect example of a multi-piece occasional table set. The end tables come in two different sizes and the coffee table has ample storage. The best part? These pieces match. No need to worry about selecting different wood tones that all work with each other; this package makes decorating easy!

Decorative Occasional Tables

While there are many different occasional tables out there, don’t be afraid to use an occasional table purely for decoration. A coffee table doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles to be a useful addition to your living room. Go back to basics and choose an occasional table that helps tie the décor of the room together.

Hastings 2_Occasional Tables

This Hastings coffee table, for example, doesn’t have drawers or a lift-top, but it’s beautiful! It can still hold your drinks and helps bring atmosphere to your space. Simple occasional tables are especially useful if you already have a lot going on in your room. Avoid overcrowding by choosing a simple, stylish piece.

No matter what you’re looking for, Levin’s has a wide selection of occasional tables that will fit your needs. While browsing through storage, multifunctional or decorative occasional tables, consider your space.

If you’re constantly putting pillows on the floor and have a closet dedicated to throw blankets, a storage table would be the right choice for you. If you’re looking for additional seating without sacrificing space, choose a multifunctional table. Lastly, if your space is already highly accessorized and you’re trying to maintain balance in your décor, select a decorative occasional table that won’t pull focus from the rest of the room.


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