Living Room Layout for Game Day

There’s nothing quite like getting the whole family or neighborhood together to watch a game. The crisp air and autumn colors outside, the team spirit and camaraderie inside– what could be better? The only thing that could ruin this magical moment is a less-than-ideal living room layout. One person can’t put their drink down anywhere, one person is forced to stand, and another has settled for a spot on the floor – this will not do.

We’re going to help you make sure you don’t run into any subpar seating situations. The following tips will help you organize your room for maximum game-watching comfort.

Plan Ahead and Pick a Sectional

This may seem like fairly obvious advice, but sectionals are an easy fix when you’re looking to add more seating to your space. While a sofa can hold three to four people at most, a sectional can fit four to seven people, or more! If you know gatherings will be held at your place, try planning ahead and getting a sectional that accommodates your crew.


Sectionals are a contemporary way to add extra seating without sacrificing the style of your living room layout.

Add End Tables

Adding extra end tables to your living room will give people options for where they’ll put their drinks and snacks. No one likes to have their hands full when they’re trying to cheer on their favorite team. Strategically place end tables in empty corners of your living room for extra surface space without taking up useful floor space. If you don’t end up needing the space for party platters or pitchers, you can always put a small plant or accents on the table to add some life to your living room.


Worried about running out of space? Chairside tables are a great option when choosing end tables because they are narrower than standard end tables.

Opt for Ottomans

Ottomans can act as a serving surface and seating – they’re the best of both worlds. If you choose an upholstered ottoman, it can be a bench when pulled to the edge of the room, or, when paired with a serving tray, it can hold snacks and drinks. When choosing an ottoman to match a space you already have, consider picking a pattern if you have a solid couch or vice versa. The colors should complement each other and the overall atmosphere of the room.


Ottomans are also a way to introduce a new material into your décor. If you have an upholstered sofa, try a leather or suede ottoman.

When you’re ready to watch the big game with your squad, make sure your living room layout fits the bill. Starting with a sectional will immediately give you extra seating. Pair the sectional with end tables and an upholstered ottoman and you’ll have ample seating and surface space to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready to cheer on their home team!


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