DIY New Year’s Eve Decorations

It’s already time to start thinking about your New Year’s Eve party! This year flew by in a blur. All of a sudden it’s December and you haven’t had any time to plan for your party. Now that it’s less than a week away from New Year’s Eve you’ve realized you haven’t picked out any decorations and a lot of stores are closed for the holidays. Not only that, but who wants to spend loads of money on decorations you can only use once a year? That’s why we’re here. We are going to share a few easy and festive DIY New Year’s Eve decorations that will make your party planning easy and won’t break the bank.

Festive Decorated Bottles

Your DIY New Year’s Eve decorations should showcase the numerical new year. Display the upcoming year proudly at your party with these beautiful festive bottles by No Biggie. Not only does this project have a stunning end result, but it requires very little materials, making it super simple. One tip to make this project even easier: recycle. No Biggie suggests using Martinelli bottles (sparkling cider). If you can create a beverage using the sparkling cider, you’ll have drinks for your guests and materials for your project. We’d recommend a sparkling sangria or a caramel apple float.

DIY New Year's Eve Decorations_Bottle Decorations

For this project, you’ll need:

  • 4 large glass bottles
  • 4 large numbers (wood, metal, etc.)
  • Gold spray paint
  • Course gold glitter
  • Matte modge podge
  • Gold curling ribbon
  • Low temp hot glue gun

For the full tutorial, click here.

Glittery Party Poppers

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like a shower of glitter and confetti when the clock strikes midnight. With these DIY party poppers, from Danya Banya, you can create a magical glittery moment for you and all of your guests. This is a great project for kids because it’s super simple and your kids can use the party poppers they make for endless amounts of fun. Danya Banya suggests a variety of fillers to put in the party poppers, but said small sections of sparkly pipe cleaner was her favorite, so that’s what we’re going to include in our materials list.

DIY New Year's Eve Decorations_Party Poppers

For this project you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls (however many party poppers you want)
  • Good quality balloons (same number as toilet paper rolls)
  • Craft glue
  • Super fine glitter
  • Metallic pipe cleaners, cut into small pieces

For the full tutorial, click here.

Confetti Balloons

Refinery29 has one of the easiest DIY New Year’s Eve decorations we’ve seen. All you need are clear balloons, confetti and a piece of paper to make a funnel. We love this decoration because it’s adorable and adds a little surprise to your celebration. Have your guests pop the balloons at midnight to release a cascade of confetti. Just make sure you have your vacuum handy!

Confetti Balloons_DIY New Year's Eve Decorations

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Clear balloons
  • Confetti
  • Paper to roll into a funnel

For the full tutorial and other Refinery29 goodies, click here.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a stunning party. With these DIY New Year’s Eve decorations you’ll be able to fill your home with festive décor. Get ready to pop the champagne (and the poppers and confetti balloons) and celebrate the New Year in DIY style.

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