Pet-Friendly Furniture

3 Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Furniture

We all know how difficult it is when we’re forced to tell our four-legged friends to get off the sofa. It would be terrible if they ruined our furniture, but they look at us with such longing and sadness. Telling them no is borderline impossible! Well now you won’t have to look your pet in the eye and break their little hearts. We can help you choose pet-friendly furniture that is built to withstand the damage that comes with owning a pet.

Some Upholstery is Pet-Friendly, Some Definitely Isn’t

Not all fabrics are created equal. According to Apartment Therapy, there are fabrics that are more pet-friendly than others. Because of this, we think you should lean towards leather or microfiber for a home full of furry friends.

A surprising find was that leather is actually fairly pet-friendly. Leather won’t hold on to odors and it’s fairly resistant to fur. Pets and their odor is a major problem most pet-owners face. With leather, your pet can lounge all he or she wants without leaving behind their mark. In terms of fur, Apartment Therapy says that a dust cloth will easily wipe off fur from leather cushions. It couldn’t get easier!

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Worried about scratches? Cats will avoid leather as long as there is another scratching outlet for them, so get a scratching post ASAP! Dogs could cause the occasional scratch, but they can be buffed out of leather furniture. If you don’t want to worry about any damage, a distressed leather couch will help disguise any damage in a super stylish way.

Another good choice is microfiber because it’s easy to clean and very contemporary! Microfiber has always been a very comfy choice that is known to be long-lasting. All you need to be concerned about is finding the perfect accents to match.

Pick a Pet-Friendly Color

If you have a pet that sheds, think about the color of the fabric you choose. Darker colors will hide dark fur better, while light hues will hide light fur. So, if you have a rambunctious golden retriever galloping around the house, a black sofa isn’t the best choice. She Knows also points out that if you have a washable fabric and removable sofa covers, you may not need to worry about this as much.

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Another good idea is to choose a patterned fabric. With a pattern you won’t see any stains or scratches as easily. All blemishes will blend into the pattern. Just remember to avoid a tweed-like fabric. Pet hairs can easily get stuck in a textured pattern making textured pieces the opposite of pet-friendly furniture.

Get a Pet-Friendly Throw

An easy way to protect your furniture is to get a machine-washable throw blanket. Put the blanket out when you’re okay with having your pet on the furniture. Then, wash it and store it when guests come over. Your pet will soon start to understand they should only be on the furniture if they’re on their blanket.

You should still consider relatively pet-friendly furniture if this is the route you’re going to take; you can never be too safe! As long as you have durable furniture and a cute throw to match, you’ll be all set for a movie night with your canine best friend. has a lot of stylish options for pet blankets. The site’s selections are specifically made for pets. These covers won’t slip off and are guaranteed to protect whatever furniture you put them on.

It’s really hard to look into puppy-dog-eyes and tell them no. So, choose something that will give them the freedom to join you on the sofa. You won’t have to worry if they’re going to ruin the furniture. Consider fabric, color, or buying a throw to protect your upholstery to make your pet happy.


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  1. Giselle says:

    Great ideas if you can’t resist the “no” on furniture in a pet friendly house. Really though, furniture isn’t made for pets so do your best, try to keep them off, so you can have any furniture you want, cloth in any color or any kind of leather.

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