Baby Milestone Onesies

Baby Milestone Ideas & Tips

Capturing the weekly, monthly and/or yearly baby milestone moments with your newborn is easy with our creative ideas and tips. From simple to more out-of-the-box ideas, creating these moments with your baby is something you’ll remember forever. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can prepare or design the items you’ll need for every picture thereafter.

Capture Your Baby’s Growth

The theme for your baby milestone photos will need to be a consistent, visual way to show your baby’s age. An easy way to do this is with wooden blocks any size and color you want. All you need are numbered blocks with a pattern you’d like for your pictures. Browse through different types of blocks you can purchase from Etsy:

Baby Milestone Blocks

Another simple idea is to design or purchase stickers to place on your photo that show your baby’s age. There are plenty of stickers you can buy depending on the color scheme and what you dress your baby in. If you have some design experience, feel free to design your own! Check out what Farm Girl Boutique made for baby milestones:

Baby Milestone StickersShowcase your baby’s growth in a more concrete way by using the same object in every baby milestone photo for comparison. A chair, stuffed animal or any other relevant objects are perfect ways to demonstrate their growth. You can even order onesies and outfits with custom text and design that are great for wearing even after the pictures are taken!

Baby Milestone Onesies

Get Into Detail with Baby Firsts

Adding more detail and specific baby milestone moments to your photos is also an option. There are multiple ways to archive the little things you want to remember about your baby’s growth. A chalkboard is a personal, easy way to continuously update his or her milestones. Height, weight, favorite food, physical activity and more can all be highlighted. Get inspired by this chalkboard on Spite or Flight:

Baby Milestone Chalkboard

Why not start a book or calendar that you can keep forever while taking baby milestone photos? Get crafting or use a digital photo book creator, like Shutterfly, to collect baby milestone moments and growth. Calendars are also an option to share with family friends as the perfect gift.

Baby Milestone Photobook

Baby Milestone Calendar

Watching your baby grow up is very special, so catching their baby milestones is very important. It doesn’t take long, so keep it simple and have fun. Not only will you have cherished pictures for your family, but it’s a great way to share your baby’s firsts with family and friends online or offline!


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