Backyard Design: Prep for Parties in Warm Weather

With the warmer seasons finally starting to set in, more of your gathering will move outdoors.  But before you start setting up the tiki torches and slicing the watermelon, make sure your backyard design lends itself to entertaining. The three main design elements you’ll need are: seating, lighting and entertainment. Every party is different, but these are the basic elements that you shouldn’t overlook when considering your backyard design. Ready to get started? Break out the fire pit and campfire songs because with these tips, your summer party is going to be a hit!

The Seating

Outdoor seating is an absolute must. Chairs shouldn’t feel like a bonus. If people are rushing to get first dibs on seating or sharing chairs, your backyard design needs more places to sit. Seating is especially important if you’re serving food that requires a fork and knife. Nothing is worse than watching your party guests awkwardly balance their plates on fence posts while they try to cut their steaks.

Backyard Design 1

The nice thing about adding seating outdoors is the unlimited space! According to Eagles Nest Outfitters, a key element to add to your backyard layout is a “hammock oasis.” Hammocks are a fun, original way to add a space for your guests to hang out…literally. Need help planning the perfect hammock hangout? Check out this tutorial by Stephanie Lynn.

The Lighting

To achieve the perfect backyard design you’ll need the right lighting. If you’re keeping your party close to the house you may think the house lights are enough – they’re not. Additional lighting can be used to add ambience to your backyard design. There are a few different options for outdoor lighting, but our favorite is stringing hanging lights. String lights add an ethereal glow to your backyard and create a calming atmosphere.

Backyard Design 2

String lights are also an easy options because in the great outdoors, there are a lot of places you can hang your lights from. Stringing lights between trees looks particularly stunning because it ties the natural elements into your backyard design. Making Lemonade has a great tutorial on how to hang string lights (if you don’t have conveniently placed trees to drape them over).

The Entertainment

The last element for a fabulous backyard design is the entertainment. Give your guests the option to participate in various activities to keep the party going. One game that is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser is corn hole. Corn hole is a pretty simple game and a classic backyard go-to. This game requires two wooden boards, placed at an angle, with holes cut in them, bean bags and pure agility.

Backyard Design 3

You could buy your corn hole set, or you could make your own custom set! This craft from DIY Network has all the steps you need to create your very own corn hole set. The best part? You can decorate it however you want to so it fits in with your backyard design.

Fun tip: make more than one set so you and your friends can have corn hole tournaments!

Hosting a backyard party just got simpler! All you have to remember is to provide enough seating, add some ambient lighting and give your guests something to do! With these easy design tips you’ll be able to create the perfect backyard design for hosting summer parties.


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