Closet Organization: Quick Ways to Clear the Clutter

Spring is finally here. It’s time for warmer weather, brighter colors and beautiful flowers. However, this also means it’s time for spring cleaning. We’re not talking about scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, just a simple reorganization to help declutter your life.

One of the most important places to start is your closet. Think about it: not only do you have to make room for your spring clothes, but if you start with your closet, you’ll have some extra storage space when you reorganize the rest of the house. To make this process easier, we’re going to give you some helpful tips for easy closet organization. Ready, set, clean!

Make a Plan

It’s easy to refold some shirts or take out a shelf or two, but real closet organization means making the closet functional for your needs. First, empty out everything. This way you can get a better idea of the shelving capabilities and you can put items you haven’t seen since the ’80s into a donation pile.  Two birds, one stone.

Next, you need to consider the space you’ll need for certain specialty items. For example, you have a floor-length gown you need to hang. Make room for it! Of course, it only makes sense to plan to hang a floor-length gown if there are other items you can hang with it (bathrobe, long skirt, etc.). Otherwise, we’d recommend finding another closet in the house to store your gown.

Lastly, rearrange shelving (to the best of your abilities) to fit your everyday needs. If you have 20 pairs of shoes, make room for all of them. If you want to store your jewelry in a safe place, save the drawer with a lock on it for your valuables. The point is to think strategically about what you were missing pre-reorganization and how you can fit it in to your closet now.

Better Homes & Gardens recommends closet systems to help you plan.

Closet Organization 1


Now that your closet organization project has structure, it’s time to put all of the items you removed back in. Apartment Therapy suggests putting items that you use the most at eye-level. Now you won’t have to search aimlessly through your shelves to find that one cardigan you’re obsessed with. This is an especially helpful tip when you’re organizing your closet between seasons. It’s starting to get warmer, so put your chunky cable knit sweaters on the top shelf and begin to migrate your t-shirts to the coveted eye-level position.

We would also recommend starting with items you wear everyday: socks, unmentionables, etc. These should have a fairly central location because you will be visiting that drawer often. Place the rest of your items starting from the center and moving outwards and upwards (or downwards) based on how often you’ll be using them in the coming months. Again, thinking strategically about your closet organization will help speed up the process.

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Choose the Right Hangers

Choosing the right hangers is key for closet organization. Some people may not consider how much space a hanger can take up. Sure, the round plastic hangers are narrow, but when put next to each other, they start to quickly take up valuable real estate. According to The Sunny Side Up Blog, chunky hangers are also dust-collectors…yuck!

This is why flat, thin hangers were invented. Switching to thin hangers is by far the easiest, quickest change you can make to instantly add more room to your closet. Go look in your closet right now. Do you have chunky wooden hotel hangers? Plastic hangers from the mid-90s? Try switching to thin hangers and you’ll see an immediate increase in space.

Another tip: if you can swing for the “velvet” covered hangers, you’ll be in even better shape. These hangers are ideal for silk tops that would otherwise slip off of wooden or plastic hangers.

Closet Organization 3

With these simple closet organization tips you’ll be able to make your closet work for your needs, have everything placed conveniently so you’re not stuck searching and save space by switching your hangers. In one day you’ll have a new and improved closet that makes your mornings easier. Enjoy!

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