Creating the Ultimate Atmosphere in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom is often the place they spend the most time. They relax, hangout with friends and do their homework there. You want to create the ultimate atmosphere in this space that encourages all their activities, but in an effective way.

Kids Bean Bag


Every child needs a cozy spot in their room where they can go to relax and have some independent time of their own. Try positioning a beanbag chair in a nook or corner of the room to create a cozy and quiet reading corner. Add a small side table, plenty of lighting, and a plush rug to make it multifunctional for any activity they might want to do!
Kids Trundle Daybed


Hosting sleepovers is always a fun time, but often leads to pillows and blankets strewn all over your child’s bedroom. Instead, try a Trundle Bed! These spare beds are stored right under your child’s bed and can be easily pulled out when they have friends over. When the sleepover has ended, simply push the trundle back underneath! On many beds, the trundle is even disguised to look like drawers and under-the bed storage – you can’t even tell it’s there!

Kids Office Desk


A desk is a must-have to help create a study space in your child’s room, but make sure to organize it with all the supplies they will need! Keep the desktop neat and tidy by storing pencils, markers, crayons, and scissors in a bin that can easily fit in a drawer. Try creating a file system, yes even middle-schoolers need a file system! Have different folders for things such as homework, notes from teachers, and after-school activities. This will help them, and you, know exactly where everything is.

If your child doesn’t already want to spend all their time in their room, they certainly will after this! Don’t worry though, you’re still a cool parent; after all you’re the one who designed the room they love so much!


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