Creative DIY Frame Ideas for Your Home

Bring your memories to life with unique, DIY frames to match each room in your home. Going out and buying frames from a store is easy, but why take the easy route when you can do something original and fun? If you have a few hours on a free day, try out making your own frames! Your family and guests will love the personal, homey touch as they reminisce on the past. In two easy steps, you’ll be able to transform your home with DIY frames that showcase your family’s favorite memories.

Create Your DIY Frames

Tapping into your creativity for DIY frames isn’t hard. Just look around the room you are decorating. Use your room as inspiration for creating the frame. Use the room’s accent as the frame’s primary or secondary color. It’s also fun to mix and match by choosing a pattern or alternative color to complement the room. Get your spray paint, paints, brushes and other crafting materials ready for some quality crafting time!

Use 3D materials to give the frame a unique look. Items like decorative rope, flowers, bows and wood will add detail. These decorative add-ons will make the frame stand out in a large room. The chevron design is very popular and it’s easy to pair with a matching 3-D element. Just choose the chevron color and background color and you’re already halfway done. Look how Colors and Crafts made this simple, but cute frame.

Polaroids and Instagram print outs are a unique way to show off your beautiful family and friends, so why not use them in your home? Check out how Little Inspiration used Instagram pictures for a DIY frame.


  • A frame
  • Floral wire
  • Clips – like mini clothespins
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Instagram pictures or polaroids
  • Glue gun and glue stick

Design the Layout

A standing frame is great by itself, but the more memories the merrier! Try creating a few different styles, sizes and color frames that all have a common theme to place on an accent table. Try to stray away from using the same size frames next to each other. If you’re ready to move your beautiful frames from the tables to the walls, we have the perfect ideas for you!

To start of simple, just try out a multi picture frame set. If you see empty space on the wall, create a frame set either horizontally or vertically to cover up the space. This idea really let’s your creativity shine through with the unique mixing and matching of each frame within the set. Check out these smaller blue and gray inspired frame set below!

Love the idea of a gallery wall, but never had the time to plan? The DIY gallery wall below shows how matching the room’s accents and furniture is great inspiration for frames. The hardest part about making a gallery wall is picking the pictures you want to display! The rest is a breeze once you know your color and design chooses.

All you need to begin your DIY frames is a trip to the crafts store and a few hours at home. You’ll be proud to hang your DIY frames and display your most precious memories. If you need a new table to hold up your new frames, browse through our selection of tables. Happy crafting!


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