Declutter Your Home for 2020

Not just a new year, but a new DECADE has begun! While every year people make resolutions, this time the stakes feel a little higher to keep up with them. Resolutions range  from health, to finance, career goals and more. But one thing we have found is that everything you do starts in one place – YOUR HOME! Creating a solid foundation by decluttering & organizing your home will help you create more time & opportunity to achieve your resolutions!

Less is More

Your resolution of an hour workout every day sounded so achievable on December 31st, but by January 5th the laundry has piled up and the kid’s toys are all over the house. You don’t even have a spare minute to think, let alone 60 minutes to go to the gym! Start 2020 by going through and really sorting through your belonging. Focus on only keeping things you truly need or use, and get rid of items you don’t. The fewer items in your home, the fewer things to clean up! Brittany, a Cleveland blogger, talks about the mental benefits she discovered after decluttering her home. Check out her blog post & YouTube video on her closet-cleanout for some motivation and inspiration!

Check out Brittany’s Blog, Bits of Brit, for some amazing inspiration.
Photo Credit: Bits of Brit.

Organization Techniques

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed don’t worry, you’re not alone! Thankfully there is a ton of information out there on different organizational techniques and methods. The Home Edit is a great place to start! Their method focuses on not only creating efficient and long term organization solutions, but these solutions also completely transform the visual look of your home! Their book is easy to follow and includes some MAJORLY inspiring pictures that will make you want to jump up and start labeling!

A few containers and some labeling is all it took to create this beautifully organized pantry!
Photo Credit: The Home Edit (Instagram @thehomeedit)

Storage Solutions

So while the pantry may be one area where more items means more organization, that is not always true for every room in your home. If your living room is already overflowing with toys and game, adding even more items to the room is only going to make it feel more overwhelming. Hidden storage is a great solution, and one of our favorite options is a storage ottoman! You likely already have one, so you might as well make it functional as well as fashionable! With different options such as round or square, lift-top or dual-storage – you can definitely find something that fits your current style!

A stylish storage option to easily clean up the clutter in your living room. Photo Credit: Levin Furniture (Renton Storage Ottoman)

Stay Consistent

The most important aspect of de-cluttering your home is KEEPING UP WITH IT! Don’t let this turn into another resolution that’s forgotten about come mid-February. Set aside a specific time each day or week to continue working on decluttering. According to a Journal of Social Psychology study, it takes on average 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. So by March, decluttering will feel like just another part of your routine and not some huge daunting chore.

Make sure this is one resolution that lasts all year!

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