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DIY College Care Packages

Once your kids have flown the coop, they will appreciate little reminders of home every so often. The best way to show your newly independent kids that you’re thinking of them is with thoughtful DIY college care packages. We’re not suggesting you send one every week, but maybe send three throughout the school year. This way, they won’t feel smothered, but also won’t feel forgotten about. The three things to consider when creating a DIY college care package are to make it personalized, helpful and sharable.

Make it Personalized

Making a care package personalized for your child will make them feel that extra layer of love that they could only get at home. Think of their favorite foods (obviously only send non-perishables), their favorite colors and other reminders of home. If they love chicken ramen soup, send them a bunch of cup of noodles. Maybe they like the color blue – send blue plastic cups and plates, a blanket and wall décor. If home is in Cleveland or Pittsburgh, send a poster of the Browns or the Steelers, or a map of the city.

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Grown and Flown has a list of 50 items that are perfect to put in DIY college care packages.

Make it Helpful

When your kid goes off to college, they won’t realize how many small things you took care of while they lived at home. Think of things they might’ve completely overlooked: floss, shower shoes, hand soap, a flashlight and band aids. Basically anything that is small enough for them to have forgotten, but at the same time very important. Another cute idea for DIY college care packages is to send a laundry help guide. For a lot of students, college is the first time they have to do their own laundry – and they’re completely lost. Simply Organized has a cute checklist that will remind your college student how often they need to wash different items.

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Make it Sharable

One of the hardest aspects of being a new college student is making friends. What better way for your child to make friends than to share some homemade goodies with their hall mates? Send some baked treats (or store-bought if they have a favorite from home they can’t get anywhere else!) and other goodies for your college student to share with their peers. It’s easy for them to share when they didn’t pay for the treats and mom specifically told them sharing is caring. We’ve shared some recipes for the holidays that would be perfect to send your college kid. However, if you’re looking for something that would work during any time of the year, The Kitchn has a list of recipes to send in DIY college care packages.

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You really can’t go wrong with a care package. It’s always fun for your kid to open a present and no matter what’s inside, they’ll love it because it came from you. No one knows your college student better than you, so you’ll give them the best personalized, helpful and sharable DIY college care packages.


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