DIY Spring Crafts for Kids

The weather this spring has been a little gloomy, so brighten it up with some colorful, fun DIY spring crafts. Rainy spring days or lazy weekends call for crafting some fun, creative projects that let your kids’ minds run free. We’ve found some easy, not-so-messy DIY spring crafts that celebrate spring colors and warmer weather. Take a quick trip to a craft store and rally the crew to get started on your spring decorations.

Colorful Rain Sticks

Let’s start out with a classic DIY project: rain sticks. The colors in this project make it great for your list of DIY spring crafts. The materials you’ll need for this craft are:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Aluminum foil
  • Watered down glue or Mod Podge
  • Spring colored tissue paper
  • Nails or tacks
  • Choice of fillers: small buttons, rice, corn kernels, etc.

DIY Colorful Rain Sticks

To begin, push nails or tacks into the cardboard tube. Make sure that the tube is sturdy enough, or the rain stick will be flimsy. Now, roll the tube in aluminum foil and plug one end with the excess foil. Have the kids pick out and pour their choice of fillers into the open end of the tube. Seal off the end once completed.

Now it’s time for the spring-inspired part! Give the kids the watered down glue or Mod Podge and paint brushes so they can coat the outside of the rain sticks. Then, let them cover the tubes in the spring colored tissue paper and let dry. For an optional final touch, the kids can add stickers, buttons, feathers and more to the outside of the rain sticks.

Googly-Eye DIY Spring Crafts

Got some extra toilet paper rolls lying around? If not, quickly purchase some and set your kids up with this DIY butterfly craft in springy colors! For this project you’ll need:

  • Spring colored cardstock
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Ribbon to match the cardstock
  • Googly eyes
  • 5 inch flower punch
  • ½ inch circle punch

First, cover the tube in cardstock and glue on the googly eyes. Add two pieces of ribbon on the inside of the top of the butterfly for antennas. Once the tube is all set, trace and cut out butterfly wings with either the same or different color cardstock. Use the flower and circle punches to make smaller flower decorations to glue to the wings (see picture below).

Glue the wings to the tube and your kids will be done with one of many DIY spring crafts! Check out the cardstock and colors Bo Bunny used for their butterflies:

DIY Spring Crafts - Butterflies

Another easy googly eyed craft is duck finger puppets. Similar to the project above, your kids will need cardstock, a circle punch, cupcake liners and, of course, googly eyes. DIY spring crafts can be pretty simple when the kids just have to pick out their choice of colored cardstock, cut out the shapes and glue everything together. See directions and measurements for the ducks below here.

DIY Duck Finger Puppets

“Stained Glass” Kites

By using spring-colored tissue paper, your kids will love getting creative and making their stained glass kites. This craft is also a great addition to your windows with the spring sun shining through. For this project, your kids will need:

  • ½ inch strips of black construction paper (and the scraps)
  • Assorted, spring colored tissue paper
  • Clear contact paper
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Colored construction paper scraps

Read the instructions on how to make these kites from Make and Takes here.

DIY Stained Glass Kites

What’s handy about DIY spring crafts is that they are versatile. Kids can pick any animal for the finger puppets and any shape for the stained glass project. You can give your kids the creative freedom with their DIY spring crafts while you sit back and relax!


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