DIY Wine Racks & Storage Ideas for Wine-Lovers

Wine bottles, expensive or not, deserve a special place in our homes for events like formal dinner parties or Friday night movies. Instead of throwing wine bottles in the back of a cabinet or in a box in the basement, build your own stunning wine rack that displays your diverse selection. Whether you’re presented with a large or small storage space, we have the perfect DIY wine racks in all different shapes and sizes for you to try!

Recycled Material Wine Racks

There are multiple ways to go about building DIY wine racks, and one way is to use recycled products. Find materials that are sturdy and pliable, so you’ll know the piece will hold as many wine bottles you want to display. You can use materials that mean a lot to you or just old junk from the garage. Check out what A Bubbly Life created below with only five materials!

DIY Rose Gold Wine Rack

Feeling something a little more rustic? Re-purpose a nicely sanded or seasoned piece of decorative wood as a backdrop for your beautiful wine bottles. All you’ll need is some strong rope to keep the bottles in place! You can prop this wine rack up against the wall on an accent table or chest or hang it on a wall to impress your guests even more.

DIY Wine Rack

Simple and Easy Wine Storage

If you’d prefer a faster, simpler solution for DIY wine racks, just grab some wood and your tool box. There are hundreds of shapes, sizes and stains to choose from when building a rack. Just look around the room it will be placed in and design and stain the wood based on your inspiration. Below is a straight-forward, easy to follow video for a basic DIY wine rack from Dunn Lumber:

Get a little more creative with a simple wood rack with designs like Shanty 2 Chic’s below! This DIY wine rack is aesthetically pleasing and can be used as a table topper or center piece for any styled table.

DIY Slanted Wine Rack

Whatever shape, size or materials you choose, the goal of DIY wine racks is to add ease to your life in your home. Build one for your kitchen or dining room to create a simple conversation piece that’s also functional! Have your DIY wine racks readily available for parties, so your guests can easily grab wine and enjoy the atmosphere.

For more DIY wine racks, browse thought the helpful sites below:


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