Decorating Your Front Porch for Fall

September isn’t even over yet and it seems we are already in full Fall mode. But can you blame us! With the changing of the seasons also comes the changing of your outdoor décor. Fall porch décor is an opportunity to embrace the new colors of autumn with your own creative touch.

Natural Elements for Fall Porch Décor

There are certain natural elements that scream fall. Not only are the colors of nature great inspiration, but there are actual pieces of nature you can take and bring to your front porch. Think about fall foods like pumpkin, corn, apples, etc. and how you can incorporate these autumnal natural elements.

Using Fall Colors

The below example, from Liz Marie Blog showcases the seasonal colors and harvest. This fall porch décor features beautiful mums in oversized planters, surrounded by a variety different color and sized pumpkins. The natural elements are all in the same color family, creating a warm aura outside your front door. They’ve even grew the pumpkins themselves!

Tip: If you mums aren’t your style, try filling the planters with colorful leaves, branches, and hay!

Using Fall Shapes

Another interesting use of natural elements is to focus on the shapes versus the colors. This example, from Kara’s Party Ideas focuses on the fall shapes of pumpkins by painting them white. We love how she added the light-up marquee letters – it adds such a fun and unique touch to the porch! Pairing the pumpkins with bright colored flowers really gives the porch an elegant and festive look!

Tip: If the marquee lights are too much – try painting on the letters in a fun fall color. Or you can go the traditional route and carve them out of the pumpkins!

DIY Sign for Fall Porch Décor

While the previous two examples feature natural elements, with a hint of DIY, the ultimate DIY fall porch décor is making your own sign. There a lot of different ways to add the rustic aesthetic of fall to your porch, but making a sign is one of the easiest.

One example that we particularly love is this welcome sign from Must Have Mom. This project involves a wood plank, which was hand distressed, some wooden letters, paint and some burlap for added detail. Not only is this project easy, but it looks store-bought. It’s the perfect piece for your fall porch décor!

If you’re looking to add a little seasonal décor to your front stoop, take inspiration from nature and don’t be afraid to get creative! You’ll have the ultimate fall porch décor in no time.


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