Family Activities to Do Indoors

Whether it’s over spring break or a long weekend, you quickly realize it doesn’t take long for your kids to go stir-crazy in the house! Outdoor activities are always a quick relief, but what do you do when the weather isn’t cooperating and indoors is your only option? – YOU GET CREATIVE! We put together some fun indoor-activities to keep the kids entertained. Some of these can even be transferred to outdoors as well when the sun finally decides to make an appearance!


One way to get your kiddos up and moving is to send them on a scavenger hunt! Not only does this get your kids away from being lumps in front of their screens, but you can also incorporate some brain-teasers to get their minds working as well!

Come up with a list of ten to fifteen items for them to find around the house and make sure to give them a bag to put their items in so they can keep track of their finds to show you later. List some general items for them to find such as: a wooden spoon, left shoe, bouncy-ball. Also add in some items that they need to problem solve to find like: “When you mix blue and yellow together what color do you get? Find one item that color!” or “2+2 = how many stuffed animals to find!”

You can change the clues based on your child’s age and interests!

An indoor scavenger hunt will get your kiddos up and moving!

Indoor Forts

Not only is this next activity super fun, but it’s also something you can your kid’s can enjoy together while you’re making it and after!

All you need to get started are some pillows, blankets, chairs and sheets – your creativity & imagination will take you the rest of the way! Homeyou has some great ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. Once you complete the fort, add some lights and cozy up with snacks & your laptop for a movie marathon with the kids!

Channel your creativity and create an indoor fort with your kids!

Check our this fort and other of HomeYou here.


This is sure to be a favorite, making your own bouncy balls! Creating the balls themselves is the perfect family time activity and they’re sure to provide your kids with fun for days on end.

What you’ll need:

  • Borax
  • Cornstarch
  • Warm water
  • Food coloring
  • Elmer’s Glue

Bouncy Balls

My Frugal Adventures goes over two different ways to make these bouncing balls of joy, so experiment with both to see which method works best for your family. Enjoy!

Fight that indoor restlessness and keep your kids active with thess fun activities! Before you know it the sun will come out and you can transition some of these actives outside to your backyard!


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