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A Kid-Proof Home for Kids’ Parties

Hosting a kids’ party in your home? Thinking of sticky hands and muddy shoes roaming aimlessly around your home would stress anyone out. Before you spiral into a panic, let us help you get your home ready for the next kid-tastic event. With these kids’ party tips you’ll be able to attain a kid-proof home and throw a stress-free childrens’ party for any occasion.

Make Room

Pick a room in your home and designate that room as the “party area.” The party room and the bathroom are the only two rooms the party-goers should occupy during the festivities. Designating a party room will help contain any messes that do happen and will help you keep track of the scampering rugrats.

However, if you do choose one room as the party room, you’ll need to make space. At the bare minimum we recommend removing any valuables. If you don’t want Aunt Millie’s crystal vase to turn into a cup for dirty paint brushes, put it in a safe spot away from party central. If you can, we even recommend going as far as removing the larger pieces of furniture to give the kids as much space as furniture. If there isn’t a spot for your sofa, just push it up against the wall to maximize the floor space.

Kid-Proof Your Home Aspire Sofa

Protect the Floor

The one thing you unfortunately can’t remove from a room is the floor. To take your kid-proof home even further, protect the floor. Whether you have hardwood or rug, you’ll want to prepare. Even if you aren’t doing any crafts, this step is still necessary. While crafts are an additional mess, every party has a guaranteed mess: cake. Nothing is worse than trying to get chocolate frosting out of the fibers of your ivory rug.

To start, lay down a plastic tarp ($10) as the base. This will ensure nothing can seep onto the wood or rug in the event of a spill. Once the tarp is down, get any old towels or sheets that you don’t mind tossing (or buy some at a local thrift shop) and spread them over the tarp. You don’t have to lay out the sheets and towels, but it’s a little more inviting and comfortable than a crunchy plastic tarp.

Kid-proof home rug

Take it Outside

The best tip for a kid-proof home? Get the kids outside. Weather permitting, holding a party in the backyard is the easiest way to avoid the stress of spills and stains. Kids have the freedom to run wild in the backyard and you don’t have to rearrange your home. Feed them all the cake and ice cream they can eat and just hose them off later.

kid-proof home outdoor party

Note: chaperones are helpful when parties are outside.

The last thing you want to be worrying about during your child’s party is the condition of the house. You should focus on having fun and making memories. With these tips you should be able to create a kid-proof home and keep your kid parties stress-free.


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