Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here – do you have your costume ready? If not, no worries! There are tons of quick and easy last-minute DIY Halloween costumes out there. We gathered the top three DIY costumes that have been consistently popping up all over our searches. These costumes are fun, original and super easy to accomplish.  Get ready to get your creative juices flowing with these last-minute DIY Halloween costumes!

Pop Art Character

This trend is taking off and the best part – it’s easy! Pulling inspiration from classic comic books and Lichtenstein, this costume gives the illusion of a 2D drawing. This is one of the simplest last-minute DIY Halloween costumes out there because it only requires makeup – no specific costume necessary. This example, from Best Halloween Blog, uses a combination of regular makeup and face paint to achieve the bold hues and dark lines.

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes_1

To get the full tutorial, click here.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Woman’s Day had a lot of great last-minute DIY Halloween costumes to choose from, but this one stood out as a clear winner. This costume is a little more abstract, but just as easy – and super clever! All you need is a white t-shirt, a black marker, and a bag of lemons. Write “LIFE” on the white shirt and hand out lemons all night. Fun and simple!

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes_2

For more ideas from Woman’s Day, click here.

Cute Jellyfish

This costume is great for kids and adults. It’s so easy to make and so adorable, it’s a guaranteed crowd-please. All you need is a clear umbrella and some ribbons and streamers. Giggles Galore recommends using cool colors for the streamers (think purples, teals and blues) to give the jellyfish an aquatic feel. Tie the ribbons and streamers to the inside and edges of the umbrella and you’re good to go!

For more photos and the full tutorial, click here.

With these last-minute DIY Halloween costumes, you no longer have to worry about not having a costume. They are so simple to make and so cute, you could easily win a costume contest!


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