Spring Cleaning Checklist for Spotless Homes

What’s better than starting spring with a newly clean house? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the little tasks that pile up. All you need to do is prioritize chores and set time aside to focus on the tasks at hand. With our tips, it’s easy to prepare your home for spring with an efficient spring cleaning checklist.

Prioritize Rooms and/or Essential Cleaning

Before you randomly jot tasks down on your spring cleaning checklist, think about the cleaning that you rarely do around the house. Maybe dusting light fixtures, cleaning out the toaster and washing the walls have all taken a back seat to daily house cleaning needs. These tasks may not be necessary to everyday life, but will give your home a nice refresh for the spring.

There also might be some rooms that don’t get used or cleaned as often as the others. Consider placing rooms like the dining room, outdoor porch, etc., on the top of your spring cleaning checklist. These rooms will require some special attention now that spring is on its way.

Grayson Collection Dining Room

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Build Your spring cleaning Checklist

Once you’ve prioritized rooms and cleaning efforts, it’s time to build out your list and create a schedule. Remember that your spring cleaning checklist won’t be completed in a single weekend. Create a realistic schedule that works with your life, giving yourself time to relax in between scrubbing.

There will always be a few things you forget to add to the list, but we’re going to help you remember as much as possible. Below are some common things people forget to add to their list, but will help create a very clean home:

  • Deep clean the oven: put on your rubber gloves and grab a sponge to clean your entire oven.
  • Wash pillows: throw your pillows in the wash – they need cleaning just like your pillow cases!
  • Clean the window screens: the window glass need a good wash, but so do your screens.
  • Organize and clean the garage: we often throw things in our garage and don’t think twice about it. Clean your garage, especially the floor, like you would any other room in the house.
  • Scrub and dust underneath appliances: even though you can’t see it, the dirt, dust and grime is there.
  • Rinse the shower curtains: instead of replacing your shower curtains every so often, clean them for the start of spring.
  • Hose down the trash cans: you trash cans hold a lot of garbage. Really hose them down!

Eisley Collection Living Room

Your spring cleaning checklist may become pretty lengthy and detailed. Finding inspiration on templates, layouts and more will help you keep organized. Use colors and graphics like the checklist below to add some life to your list.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

With spring excitement comes planning dinner gatherings, playdates, parties and more. Prepare your home for these events with a spring cleaning checklist that includes all the big and small tasks. The more you focus on your list, the more efficient the process will be. So grab your gloves and gather the family to help you clean for spring!


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