Summer Family Outings: A List of Our Favorites

Our lives can become pretty hectic, but summer is perfect take a break and spend time with the family. As adults, we love the downtime, but the kids may get antsy with all the free time during summer vacation. To keep the kids occupied, this list of summer family outings will come in handy when you need an idea quickly. Whether outdoors or indoors, we’ve come up with fun and inexpensive summer family outings that will please the entire family.

Sunny Day Summer Family Outings

  1. Plan a picnic. Beautiful afternoons call for picnics with your family’s favorite finger foods. You can even make the picnic food prep part of the outing! Find picnic recipes here for appetizers, salads, sandwiches and more.                                             Summer Family Outings - Picnic
  2. Take a hike or bike ride. No matter where you live, you can always find great trails to hike and fun areas to bike. You and your kids will love exploring new places.
  3. Do a service project. Summer family outings don’t have to just be about your family. Get involved with your town and volunteer. Whether that’s helping out with a town garden or collecting trash in the town parks, there’s always a way to pitch in.
  4. Start a family fitness routine or sports tournament. With warmer weather comes the opportunity to get active outdoors! Start a family fitness routine with workouts the whole family can do. Even better, start tournaments in Frisbee, touch football, tennis, badminton and more that could turn into more than just a one-day outing. Family Fitness Routine or Sports
  5. Host a backyard campfire. Host a backyard campfire with delicious barbeque and a fire pit to keep warm as the day cools off. Take it to the next level by having each family member roast their own hot dogs on a stick, pop their own popcorn and make their own s’mores. If you’re brave, set up a tent and sleep outdoors for the true camping experience.

Backyard Campfire

Rainy Day Summer Family Outings

  1. Go to indoor activity centers. Jump parks, indoor rock climbing centers, laser tag… the list goes on for summer family outings on rainy days. The family will forget that they aren’t outside!
  2. Take a class. Look for classes in pottery, art, cooking and more around where you live for some less physically active, but engaging classes during the summer.
  3. Make homemade ice cream or popsicles. What better way to cool down during the summer than cold treats? The whole family will love having the option to make whichever flavored ice cream or popsicle they want! Check out some recipes we found for refreshing ice cream and popsicles.  Homemade Ice Cream
  4. Break out the board games. Gather the family and board games to turn rainy days into lasting memories. Accompany the board games with fun snacks, a fun playlist and maybe mocktails for the kids and cocktails for the adults. Summer family outings don’t only have to be fun for the kids!

Exciting summer family outings will bring the family together for some quality time and fun memories. And when you’re in a bind, breakout this list to quickly decide on an outing to embark on. So get out there and enjoy the summer!


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