Pet-Friendly Furniture

3 Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Furniture

We all know how difficult it is when we’re forced to tell our four-legged friends to get off the sofa. It would be terrible if they ruined our furniture, but they look at us with such longing and sadness. Telling them no is borderline impossible! Well now you won’t have to look your pet in the eye and break their little hearts. We can help you choose pet-friendly furniture that is built to withstand the damage that comes with owning a pet.

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Living Room Layout for Game Day

There’s nothing quite like getting the whole family or neighborhood together to watch a game. The crisp air and autumn colors outside, the team spirit and camaraderie inside– what could be better? The only thing that could ruin this magical moment is a less-than-ideal living room layout. One person can’t put their drink down anywhere, one person is forced to stand, and another has settled for a spot on the floor – this will not do.

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