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Three Tips for Creating Rustic Décor

Creating rustic home décor will bring an element of warmth to your home. Rustic décor focuses on natural elements and colors, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. The organic shapes and wood tones of this style help bring the outdoors inside, effortlessly. We’re giving you three easy tips to create a rustic-style home. With our help you’ll have a stylish home in no time.

Use Organic-Styled Wood

A cornerstone of rustic décor is organic, unprocessed wood detailing. What we mean by this is, instead of the shiny, polished wood you’d see in more traditional décor, use natural wood accents instead. These rustic coffee tables, for example, use sandblasted wood, which gives off a driftwood vibe. These tables use natural wood tones and showcase the knotting you’d typically see in raw, unfinished wood.

For a rustic dining room, the same rules apply. A wood table is a given, but look for more natural-looking pieces. Our Eilean dining table, for example, features heavily distressed wood. The wire-brushed details on the surface give the table a very warm, organic feel.

Rustic Decor_Dining Room

Accent with Dark Metals

Another staple in rustic décor is the use of dark metals. Just like how chrome detailing is synonymous with modern décor and gold details are synonymous with traditional décor, dark metal details are vital in rustic décor. Not only is dark metal chic and subtle, but it pairs beautifully with organic wood.

Our Chatswin collection is the perfect example of rustic décor that utilizes dark metal (and natural wood). This Chatswin boasts steel detailing and a darker wood finish. This collections demonstrates how well the crisp, clean lines of the dark metal detailing complements the undertones of the darker wood.

Rustic Decor_Dark Metal 2

Choose a Distressed Focal Point

Lastly, rustic décor often features pieces that either are antiques or resemble antiques. The antique look is added through a process called distressing. As shown on the Eilean dining table, the wood used to build distressed pieces is treated either with tools like wire brushes or sand paper to give the piece character.

Our Boone Mountain Anywhere console is a great example of a piece that features distressed detailing. The wood features purposeful tool marks and color variation to highlight the natural state of the craftsman oak. The distressing gives this piece a history – it has a story and that’s what gives it its rustic charm.

Rustic Decor_Distressed 2

Creating a rustic-styled home is simple when you follow these tips. Remember to use organic-styled wood that resembles its natural state, accent the wood with dark metal detailing and find distressed pieces that can be the focal point of your space. For more ideas, check out Prudent Penny Pincher’s inspiration for rustic décor.

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  1. Alexandria Martinez says:

    My fiance and I just moved into our new home and were thinking of making it look more rustic. I like your idea to choose pieces that are a little bit more distressed. We were looking at old railroad supplies for sale and think they fit that criteria perfectly. Thanks for the tip!

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