Ultimate Game Day Snacks

Game Day Checklist: TV, comfy sofa, lucky jersey, and most important SNACKS! Even non-sports fans can agree that the food is one of the best parts of getting together with friends for a game. Whether you are the host or contributing a tasty dish – you’re sure to be the MVP with this Game Day Snack-Hacks.

Party Trays

Not only is it a fan favorite, but it’s also one of the easy ways to make sure you’ve got quantity and variety in your snacks. You can either make them yourself by laying out deli meats, cheeses and crackers. Or you can go the store-bought route and get a tray of sandwiches, wraps, wings – all in a variety of flavors!

Show up to your Super Bowl party with something for everyone!

Dips Dips Dips

Dips are a stable of tailgates and sporting events; you really can’t pass them up! What’s great about dips is there are so many different kinds and you can easily have multiple options at your party. You could go with a classic like Buffalo-Chicken-Dip, Spinach Artichoke or Guacamole. You can also try something new and unique like Honey Sriracha Chicken or even a dessert dip like Cannoli!

You’re sure to be the MVP with one of these dip recipes.

Hand Held Only

As soon as kick-off happens, everyone will be gathered around the TV so they don’t miss a moment of play. With this set up, it’s likely that not everyone will have a sturdy surface to eat off of – this is why the rule of “hand held only snacks” is a great one to follow! Eliminating the need for plates or silverware means everyone can enjoy your snacks no matter where they are seated for the game. Try something savory like these Pillsbury Salted Beer Pretzel Pigskin Bites complete with mustard laces! If you’re looking for something a little simpler: hamburgers, hotdogs and kabobs are all great options you can cook up right on the grill!

Hands free is the way to be during game day!

No Penalty for Spills

In all the hustle and excitement of game day, there will inevitable be some spills. Especially if you’re the host, this can certainly put a downer on your game-day mood. The best way to ease your worry is to be prepared with Levin’s Bottle Program! Prepare your furniture and rugs beforehand by cleaning them and the spraying with our protector – we have one for fabric and leather! If a spill does happen, quickly and easily address it with our Stain Remover, this specially designed formula is made to tackle spills like grease, food or oil. You can quickly run in and pick up any of these in a Levin Furniture store!

Don’t throw the penalty flag over a game day spill!

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